Art & Design


Art & Design

Now you see it.

What are you creating? Let's give it a presence that inspires action.

I design for originators, people who are the origin point for creating something new. I create a face for things that have never been seen before, making them visible in the world. And every time I do it, it's completely original–inspired by you.

 Branding and Website for  Impact Visionary

Branding and Website for Impact Visionary

Let your magic show.

I know you're up to big things and I love that.

I listen to your goals and where you're coming from. I strategize with you so that your branding, website, print materials, social media, and marketing make the impact you need. 

I bring the magic touch of creative solutions to reach your goals. It's so much more than making it look good.

(It will also look really, really good.)


Start the Magic

Start the Magic

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Rave reviews

Carmen Morcos

“Maya is a true visionary. She has the ability to see outside of the box and offer creative and inspiring ideas that elevate whatever it is you are trying to do. She designed my website in a way I could have never imagined myself! Her thought process behind every little detail had meaning and depth - which was one of the most powerful elements I wanted my brand to exude.

This rebrand of my website was exactly what I needed to move forward in my business. Maya clearly captured the vision for my business and target market. The design is stunning - it brings people in and gives them a very sensory experience of what I’m about - and what I can do for them."