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Tar Baby, an original play by desiree burch with dan kitrosser

Tar Baby is an acclaimed play about race. It creates a carnival of games to explore and fight racism and invites audience participation. Does that sound crazy? Tar Baby is a unique experience. It’s hilarious and moving and shocking to me even after seeing it about a dozen times. It really creates a necessary dialogue about race.

Tar Baby Indiegogo Video, to which I contributed the text slides

For this powerful play’s international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the promotional materials needed to evolve from the previous design (at the bottom of this page). At the Fringe the walls are saturated with posters, and people are handed flyers constantly. So the design needed to stand out boldly and make an impact instantly. The solution was a big title with illustrations and photography embedded inside.


Poster, A3 size (approx. 12"x16")

The title is custom typography I built completely from scratch. I drew it by hand to fit that great diagonal slope, then rendered it digitally. I created racially charged illustrations using a contemporary vector style. Embedding the illustrations and the photography of Desiree Burch inside the title creates one focal point that unfolds the more you look at it. The venue info and showtimes were required to be in the hot pink banner across the bottom.


Flyer Front and Back, A5 size (approx. 6"x8")

These were handed out with the prompt, “Help us beat the shit out of racism?”


After each performance, every audience member got their very own "Race Card" to play in future scenarios.


Tar Baby won the most prestigious award the Fringe offers, “Fringe First.” Only 15 of the 4,000+ plays receive it. It was also Highly Commended for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award. The recognition it’s garnered is thrilling and encouraging, because it is truly an inspired and necessary creation.


Associate Producer Raffaela Vergata, Writer and Performer Desiree Burch, and Producer Jacob Platt in front of the Tar Baby venue, The Gilded Balloon.


Tar Baby on the cover of The Scotsman


Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award

From Desiree Burch, creator and performer: “Thank you for being a consummate artist and making such great marketing materials for us. People are loving this.”


My previous design for Tar Baby's New York City run includes a 6"x6" promotional flyer and a 27"x55" backlit poster on the exterior wall of Union Square’s DR2 Theatre. Photography of Desiree Burch by Halston Bruce.

Flyer Front

To stay updated on future runs of Tar Baby, follow the show on FacebookTwitter, or the Tar Baby website.