Dead special crabs, an original play by dan kitrosser

Promotional materials for a play, including a two-sided 5"x7" glossy flyer and an 11"x17" poster. Dead Special Crabs is a hilarious dark comedy that combines a buddy road trip, serial killer, poetry readings, coming out, and crabbing. I had a lot of fun creating an original illustration that captured the dark humor. Early versions had one bullet hole in the road sign, and director Kristin Skye Hoffmann had the best kind of feedback: “What I’d like to do is add a LOT more bullet holes” and “WHAT IF… you put a splatter of blood across the whole card?”

The team loved the final piece and gave me a signed poster. From Kristin: “These are wonderful and I love them. Thank you for being so on top of it. I think these are perfect.”

Flyer Front


Flyer Back

Signed Poster