The Windsor Terrace Food Coop is a member-owned and operated organization in Brooklyn that opened its doors in the summer of 2015. As a member, I work a 2-hour shift every 6 weeks. I also love to contribute artistically to marketing and communications. 


Chalkboard Signage



During a shift, a manager told me and my shiftmate that credit card fees were a big cost--and one we could reduce. We brainstormed how to communicate this to members and shoppers. As a result, I drew this cartoon which is on display by checkout.

Cartoon: Cash vs. Card


In June 2017 the Windsor Terrace Food Coop celebrated its 2 year anniversary with an open house weekend and special festivities. I volunteered to help plan the event and also designed a flyer for promotion in the neighborhood.


For more on membership and shopping, check out the Windsor Terrace Food Coop.