She’s the First is a NYC-based non-profit that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries with the goal of creating first-generation graduates. Many of the supported scholars are the first girls in their families to go to school. They are passionate, resourceful, determined, and inspiring.

One of the ways the organization fundraises is through their annual Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake-Off, which has raised over $150,000. She's the First had a need for images to share on Instagram and Facebook that would promote #BakeAChange on social media and encourage people to sign up.

Tammy Tibbetts, Founder: "Your social media graphics were such a hit during #BakeAChange season! The highest performing posts on our Facebook page in a long time. These are our dream come true!"


This post performed better than 90% of other posts on the Facebook page:


This year's fundraiser raised over $40,000, a huge increase from previous years.