Midwood High School opened in Brooklyn, NY in 1941 and recently celebrated its 75th Anniversary Jubilee. The school has a rich, well-documented history. Its robust extracurricular culture includes a legacy of musical performance and an involved student government.

The Midwood H.S. Alumni Association needed a new website that looked clean and professional, invited alumni to join and contribute, and beautifully showcased its content, including photos, music, press, and gems from the school's archives. The initial goal was to promote attendance to the 75th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration, then transition into a full, well-rounded site. 

The MHSAA also needed cohesive branding, which I created using the school's signature color blue and a real, fabric varsity letter M that I photographed during a visit to the school's archives. 

I really enjoyed learning about the school's history--including getting to see "Grease" actress Didi Conn's yearbook photo!  

Wendy Guida, Midwood HS Archivist & MHSAA: "Maya was recommended to me when our alumni association's website needed an overhaul.  She had the vision to see beyond what we had, while preserving the content we had that worked.  Maya listens.  She listened to what we wanted and built it in ways that were even better than we had imagined.  She has risen to the challenges our organization faced as we went through staffing changes and planned and executed a huge fundraising event.  Her work made it all possible and made it all go so smoothly.  Maya is also a pleasure to work with, as she is a bright, funny and engaging partner who made our website hopes a reality."



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Visit the MHSAA website to get the full picture.