Full of Grace: Journeys of LGBT Catholics is a docudrama that explores the intersection of faith and sexual identity through the first person accounts of LGBT Catholics. The play is composed entirely of interviews from over 30 individuals including clergy, religious, and lay people spanning in age from 19 to 85 from across the United States. The play explore themes such as inclusion and exclusion, self-acceptance and shame, integrity, family, relationships, and marriage, as well as individual experiences of God and Church. These are the untold stories of disciples seeking a place at the table and the fullness of life to which God calls them.

The play's creator, Bob Choiniere, needed a graphic for the premiere of Full of Grace as a stage play. The graphic needed to show both Catholic and LGBT identities as simultaneous and affirm them as cohesive, rather than presenting them as mutually exclusive or fundamentally fractured. 

Bob Choiniere, Creator: "When I wanted to develop a new logo for our play, Full of Grace, I contacted Maya.  She listened to my concept and even asked to read the play.  She became immediately engaged in creating an exciting and dynamic image that would jump out and catch attention.  She really wanted to know what the play meant to me and asked me to describe my own passion for the piece.  From there, Maya created a visual image that perfectly captures the play.  Working with Maya was an inspiration and a delight!  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a designer who not only creates amazing images, but captures the passion behind the work."


I used the signature LGBT pride rainbow to color a cloud, an abstraction of God. From this ephemeral cloud, three people originate: one in prayer, one clergy member, and one in study. Each person is awash in a different blend of hues, suggesting the range of experiences and emotions of LGBT Catholics. The words Full of Grace appear in calligraphy reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts. The whole image has a watercolor feel, giving a gentle sense of water and light. 

I also drafted this invitation email in Gmail, including images and links:


Learn more about Full of Grace on the Full of Grace website or on the Full of Grace Facebook.