Stages on the Sound is a nonprofit theatre company that brings arts education and theatrical productions to Catholic youth in the greater NYC area. Stages produced a new adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth with a Scottish punk aesthetic for students in grades 6–12. 

There is an electric guitarist on stage bringing a chaotic, anarchic feel to play, with the rising power of Macbeth asserting his will over the kingdom. It deals with themes of what is order, who is in control, what is chaos; and through it all is this punk feel and near-constant driving rhythm.

For the graphic I created a digital photocollage painstakingly mashing up Sid Vicious and King Edward. The iconic line, "Is that a dagger I see before me?" takes on a new form as a smashed electric guitar now doubles as a dagger. Plaid grids, strings and frets, and wild diagonals collide to visualize order, instability, and chaos.

Production Image

School Tour Flyer