La Mer is the site of Meredith Spratt, a Holistic Health Coach who has a lot of insight and inspiration to share in different forms, including writing and art. I was inspired by her moniker, La Mer, "the ocean," and designed the site so that the posts fill the depths of the ocean. The feather logo carries the influences of sacred geometry and the yin yang, while suggesting flight and perpetual motion.

Meredith Spratt: "Working with Maya on the creation of my website was an extremely satisfying experience. Maya took the time to really listen to the vision I had for my site, and then was able to bring it to life! Her artistic abilities are one-of-a-kind. She welcomed me to contact her at any time during the process with questions or comments regarding ideas I had, and worked patiently and respectfully with me. Truthfully, the essence I was hoping to capture with the website was made doable because of Maya! I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her."

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