KEEP is an original play by Francesca Pazniokas, produced by Wide Eyed Productions. Informed by true life experiences, KEEP tells a story of hoarding, sisterhood, and family trauma. For the design, I first read the whole play so that I could bring in appropriate items and themes. I then staged a box with some relevant objects and photographed it. Then working digitally I brought in more objects, piled them impossibly high, and digitally manipulated the whole scene in a painterly chiaroscuro style.

Francesca Pazniokas: "I so appreciated how the design ties in all these little plot points (the postcards, the lamp, the receipt, the dead plant, the records, etc.). It looks great--as does the back of the postcard. Thank you for a thoughtful and fun design!"

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Poster Design

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