Ameliorative Therapies is a holistic health service based in NYC and offered by Travall Croom, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Acupuncturist. Travall's approach combines traditional Eastern understanding and contemporary Western science. He has a unique ability to translate ancient ideas into today's vocabulary. Beyond giving patients excellent therapeutic treatment, Travall is able to explain exactly what he is doing and how it helps your body. 

This combination of East and West, and the clarity of Travall's insight into the nature of the body's workings, were the inspiration for the Ameliorative Therapies logo.

The logomark is based on a Fibonacci spiral, which is a growth pattern found in nature, science, and biology. The spiral is illustrated in both a curve, representing the fluidity of Eastern philosophy, and in a triangle, representing the linearity of Western science. Both paths, curved or angular, point to the same apex, the peak of wellness. 

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