Heart-On Life is the creation of Rachel Santos. Through arts, events, and workshops, Heart-On activations awaken us to the true nature of our existence. They are also fun, embracing silliness and sparkle. Rooted in positive change, there is a big component of social good: Fun-Raising Artivism.

Rachel came to me for a website and logo. As we talked through the project, I supported her in organizing the various components and weaving in the different threads. As she zeroed in on the name, I developed the logo. The Heart-On logo is an original symbol that may feel familiar but actually did not exist before. Using sacred geometry, I combined a traditional yin yang with a heart shape and a yonic form. The images that populate it include the elements, and glitter.


Animated Logo


Heart-On Life has a long scrolling homepage to introduce its purpose, components, calendar, workshops, and creator. Full-page parallax images, animated images, and luscious, clean typography make for a beautiful and dynamic experience. View HeartOn.Life for full effect.

Rachel Santos: "Maya is so much more than a creative, talented and highly skilled web and graphics designer! She is also an artistic life designer and teacher. Working with Maya is an absolute joy and pleasure, and I have learned so much from her. She showed me how to manage many things I felt incapable of doing, and empowered me to keep updating my website myself, as my business grows... [Continued below]


Rachel Santos: "We started by getting clear on my vision for the website, and my business. I was full of ideas, but lacked cohesive clarity - being a very "out-of the box" kinda person, in a business of lots of diverse offerings, I didn't know how to present it all without losing my true essence, and in a way that encompasses the full scope of what I do. Maya listened intently, and I really felt heard. She took it all in stride, and generously shared ways to address challenges from a design perspective. Many times over she came up with ideas to solve multiple issues with one brilliant solution, astounding me with her genius again and again.

She designed my logo and I love it! I continue to work with her for ongoing projects, and have enthusiastically referred others to her. Beyond her design skills, her communication is fantastic, she is super conscientious about keeping to the budget, timeline and other agreements, and when last minute tweaks and changes are requested, her turnaround times are quick and efficient. The work that she produces is amazingly beautiful! Thank you Maya, you are a design magic-maker extraordinaire!" 

Visit HeartOn.Life to see the current events, activations, and offerings.