TEST is an acclaimed independent short film with a tense, mysterious, and subtle feel. Director Jay Lifton asked me to create two film posters. The first design features props from the film. The second design shows the actors and creates a game or visual test for the viewer.

Jay Lifton: “Maya is great at executing your ideas, but even BETTER at watching your film and then coming up with a design that’s surprising but a perfect fit. She is great with revisions too, but basically nailed it right from the start.”

Watch TEST on Vimeo


Film Poster, 27"x40"

I staged a photo shoot and set up the props and lighting. To achieve the high resolution needed for this large print size, I stitched together multiple shots. Complete photo editing and retouching.



Film Poster, 27"x40"

This design needed to show stills of the actors. Other than that it was open conceptually. My solution was to create a visual game for viewers challenging them to put together the film’s title. The tight diamond composition creates a claustrophobic, multi-faceted focal point that holds the eye and expresses the complexity and mood of the film.



Flyer Front & Back, 5"x5"



From NYC's Village East Cinema screening of TEST



Actor Gus Renaud at the screening of TEST at LA Shorts Fest






TEST was accepted into numerous film festivals and has earned many awards as well. You can find out about screenings on the TEST website or TEST Facebook.